Working hard

[By Aoife]

We have just came back from the conference with the other Europeans.

We are now currently editing our pictures that we took during the conference and ar making it into a solid presentation for use for tomorrow.

Today was a really great day and we did a lot of work. We attended a talk and took a bunch of pictures of the teachers and our fellow scoop ducks.




[By sinéad]


Registration is going well so far! Lots of teachers from all over Europe have arrived.

Getting started

[ By Aoife]

We have just gotten together and our now getting together now editing our video.

We have been interviewing many different people from different schools and have been asking them what they expect from this day.

We have collected many different answers and the answers we have gotten are tying in perfectly in our video.


Nearly There!

[ by Aoife, Sinead, Courtney and Lauren ]

We are all excited for tomorrow meeting the other digital reporters, and teachers from different countries.

We had our last meeting today and are good to go.

See you tomorrow!

PS We’re supposed to have a heat wave this weekend…that means 20C 🙂

About My School…

[By Margaret]


Hi, this is Margaret coming back to you with another scoop on my school.

So to start off with, the name of my school is Colaiste Bride Presentation Secondary School. We are an only girls school so there’s no boys allowed, well except for staff, of course , but you’ll understand. Our school has over 1000 people- this includes students and staff.

The aim of our school is to develop the personal, academic and spiritual potential of each student in a caring and disciplined manner. The motto of our school is To Teach, To Guide, and To Form. Another big thing in our school is Respect. You have to give respect to get respect back.

The school is quite big and if you are a newcomer you can easily get lost if you need to get to class. There are 3 floors in the school including an elevator. It is overwhelming at first but you get used to it.

Lastly, we think (correct me on Friday if I am wrong!) we are the only girls secondary school involved in The Living Schools lab.

So we, Colaiste Bride Girls look forward to meeting you on Friday. See you then! 🙂