What I like about my school

[by Chiara]


Today I’ve been asked to talk about what I like about my school and how it could be improved.

Personally, my favourite thing about my school is that we have so many clever and competent teachers. During my 4 years in my school, I’ve met many of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

What also impresses me is the number of teachers who offer lessons and courses during the afternoon for free to any of the students. Many of them do it in anticipation of competitions; however, I’m always surprised by their hard work and dedication to something their job doesn’t require them to do. The lessons are great because – not being compulsory – the students are always interested in the subject, the teachers efficient and it’s an excellent way to get to know other people around the school with the same interests.

Something I find very funny is the fact that our school takes part and/or organizes many initiatives, competitions and events. These could be anything from a Sunday walk or a bike ride to theatre or music workshops, work experience, exchange programs or various kinds of competitions. Having so many extracurricular activity options makes it easier to succeed in something you are good at.

One thing I find underestimated, however, is the potential of all the teachers, students, their family and friends working as a unit to improve the school. A mere hour of – for example – pulling out weeds, sweeping the outside or emptying recycling bins could really make a difference.

Another thing I would do is make weekdays longer at school in order to have a free Saturday, maybe with a little emphasis on sport.

All in all, I’d give our school the thumbs up and I think that it’s a good environment for the kind of student I am and the subjects I like.